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Governance Assessment Portal (GAP) - e-Administration e-Platform for e-Governance

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Innovations 2009 Award - Ideas in practice

Innovations 2009

The Innovations forum aims to help innovators and entrepreneurs of India, by helping them to create and expand ecosystem around them. The forum runs an annual event to showcase the select few innovators to elite gathering of VCs and experts.

The event stands out as the only one - with crisp delivery from innovators, expert talk from a distingushed Keynote speaker, a high profile networking dinner and a mentoring session. While the prize offered to the innovator is a platform, it is the selection process and feedback from the panel, that prompts the innovator to excel.

The forum is promoted by the Pune Chapter of IIT Bombay Alumni Association.

Important dates and the details of program

Date and time January 10-11 2009, 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Venue Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent Systems,
402, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, 411 016.

Innovations 2009 will be a two day event
Day 1 Day 1 will start with keynote speech, followed by 16 fast-paced presentations by the innovators, a visit to the exhibits, and Q&A with all the innovators.
In the evening, there will be a networking dinner for innovators with special invitees.

Day 2 Day 2 will be Mentoring Session(Innovation to IPO) Workshop.
Mentoring Session is a concentrated learning capsule of 4-5 hours on the vital aspects of starting a new enterprise. The innovators and would be entrepreneurs are exposed to ‘how to’ – create a business plan, explore funding options, create a go to market strategy, deal with legal/regulatory aspects and more. Renowned experts from diverse fields share their experiences & expertise in 45 min sessions (3-4 of such sessions are planned) and help innovators create their own roadmap to success.

On Day 1 of the event, innovators will be provided with a stall at the event venue to exhibit and showcase their innovations. In addition, innovators can distribute literature at the stall and interact with the visitors.

How will your innovation be selected for showcasing
The overall process of innovation selection will be done by a panel of experts covering a broad range of experience. Throughout the selection and presentation process, you may maintain a level of secrecy as desired by you, or as necessary by the IPR process you are following.

Phase I: Inviting entries through entry form
Individual innovators / organizations are requested to fill in the online entry form available at Optionally, if internet connection is intermittent, the attached entry form (as word document) can be filled and sent to As a last option, the entry form may be mailed to Dr. S. G. Kane at
1, Indradhanushya Apartments, Agarkar Road, 827/A Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411004.

Last Date for submission of entries: 1st October 2008.
Your entry may be a process, product, design, method, application or even a business model or a model of social entrepreneurship. Innovations from all fields are welcome. Entries are sought from individuals, research/academic institutions, NGOs, or corporate entities (with an annual turnover less than Rs. 50 Crore).

The current panel members are Co-ordinator:
Dr. Shantaram Kane, ex-Vice President (R & D), NOCIL
Members (in alphabetical order)
Dr. Ashok Joshi, ex-Managing Director, Approva Systems
Atul Narkhede, VP Engineering, GS Lab
Harshwardhan Gupta, Founder, Neubauplan Machine Design
Satish Gokhale, Managing Director, Design Directions

Dr. Shantaram Kane
Dr. S. G. Kane, Panel Co-ordinator, is an expert in the field of Chemical and Agro/Bio Technology.

Dr. Kane presently is Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay. He has held several senior positions and as functional head in Indian and MNC companies like NOCIL, Swadeshi Polytex, Gharda Chemicals and Amoco Chemicals U.S.A.). He has lead and established R & D centers and set up processes for formulation & development of products and processes. As a researcher in traditional medicine, he developed a novel patented technology to make super-active extracts, which find applications in all Life Sciences. Dr. Kane has won several accolades including the Distingushed Alumnus Award and the Distingushed Service Award from IIT Bombay. He is an IIT Bombay B. Tech. Chemical Engineering and MIT (USA), M. S., and Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Ashok Joshi
Ashok Joshi is an expert in the field of Software and IT.

Dr. Ashok Joshi recently retired as a Managing Director of Aprova Systems. As a founding director, he was responsible to set up the organization. In his previous role, as a head of R&D (India) Dr. Ashok Joshi drove the growth of the Indian subsidiary of Entevo Corporation. As a founding Director of C-DAC, he formulated the technical and marketing strategy of India's Supercomputing Initiative. He also provided technical leadership in developing hardware and software solutions in weather modeling, seismic data processing and space vehicle design. While as a Director of Systech, he designed and developed innovative electronic products for industrial and defense applications. Dr Joshi is a B. Tech. from IIT Bombay; an M. S. from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Ph. D. from Syracuse University.

Atul Narkhede
Atul Narkhede is an expert in Networking, Electronics & Communications.

Atul Narkhede works as VP Engineering at GS Lab. Atul has over eleven years of experience in software product design. As a Fellow at Strand Genomics, Atul has architected data-mining and data visualization software. Prior to Strand, Atul was the Chief Architect at Tessera Systems where he developed infrastructure products with distributed web services. While at Silicon Graphics Inc, Atul worked on Geometry and developed microcode and vector compilers for high end graphics-accelerator ASICs. He is a B. Tech. CS from IIT Bombay and a M. S. CS from University of North Carolina.

Harshwardhan Gupta
is an expert in the area of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design.

Harshwardhan Gupta is founder of Neubauplan Machine Design Studio, one of India’s few, and the oldest Machine Design House. Over the last 31 years, he has been involved in designing large number of India’s first and some of the World's first complex machines. Most of his work has proved to be runaway success and has often been displayed in IMTEX (India), INTERPACK (Germany), etc. He has recently been named as a co-inventor in a U.S. Patent Application for Banknote Counting, Validating and Storage system for use on Gaming Tables in Casinos. Harshwardhan Gupta holds a B. Tech (Mech) from IIT Bombay (1976) and has written many articles on design and technology issues, including the popular column, ‘Harshwardhan Gupta's Design Tips’ in the IPF for 20 issues.

Satish Gokhale
Satish Gokhale is an expert in Industrial Product Design.

Satish has successfully designed and launched over 450 products in the Indian and international markets. During his career, he has received several awards in product design including Industrial Design Excellence award by IDSA and Businessweek – USA and Industrial Design Excellence awards for medical equipment, industrial equipment design. Satish is a graduate of National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and manages his own firm Design Directions.

A 'not-to-be-missed' Opportunity
Innovations 2009 builds on the resounding success of last year's show and brings not-to-be-missed opportunity for the innovator. The event promises close interaction with financial community, mentorship from industry experts and nation-wide publicity. Some of the benefits that could be realized by participating in Innovations 2008 are listed below.

Advantages to Innovators
  1. Present your innovation to 'those who matter
    • Attendees for the event will be a highly select list consisting of VCs, senior executives from banks, financial institutions, R & D institutes, media, government representatives and other invited registrations. This is a once in a life-time opportunity to meet all the ecosystem participants at one location.
    • Selected innovators will be invited for a networking dinner with select special invitees from industry and financial community. This will provide each innovator a rare opportunity of one-to-one discussion with those who matter to him.
  2. National publicity
    • The resounding success of Innovations 2007 and efforts made by organizers
      for this year will provide publicity at no expense to the innovator.
  3. Get mentored
    • Day 2 will be an Mentoring Session (Innovation to IPO) Workshop.
      Mentoring Session is a concentrated learning capsule of 4-5 hours on the vital aspects of starting a new enterprise. The innovators and would be entrepreneurs are exposed to ‘how to’ – create a business plan, explore funding options, create a go to market strategy, deal with legal/regulatory aspects and more. Renowned experts from diverse fields share their experiences & expertise in 45 min sessions (3-4 of such sessions are planned) and help innovators create their own roadmap to success.
    • The selection process is rigorous. Even if an innovator is not selected, a month-long interaction with a panel of experts will certainly provide high value . The panel will provide substantive input about how to pitch as well as how to exhibit. In addition, difficult questions from the experts will help in improving positioning of your innovation.
  4. Invite target prospects
    • Each selected innovator will get two additional complimentary invitations for the event. Innovators can invite audience of their choice through these invitation passes.
    • Organizers will seek inputs from the selected innovators to invite audience for the event and networking dinner.
  5. Learn from co-innovators
    • The format of the show is such that each selected nominee will be able to witness the manner in which other innovators pitch their innovations and listen & learn from the questions being asked to them.
Be one among a select few - each final selected innovator will be showcased with only 15 other innovators.

One among the many awardees:

e-Administration: e-Platform for e-Governance
GopalKrishnan Devanathan (Kris Dev), Life Line to Business-LL2B, Chennai / +91-44-42115995 / 9840852132

Life Line to Business (LL2B), Chennai, India, an ICT & e-Gov organization that was selected for the 'Innovations 2009' (Ideas in practice) Award for implementing 'e-Administration: e-platform for e-Governance' (certificate attached).

The award is instituted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay Alumni Association, Pune Chapter, India and The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE), Pune Chapter, India.

The selection was based on three rounds of screening by expert committee consisting of professors and professionals.The final presentation was made at the National Exhibition and Seminar on Innovations 2009 held at Pune on Jan 10, 2009.

The award is based on implementation of the tool in the Union Territory of Pondicherry and the State of Tamil Nadu in India; and the recognition given by Lt. Governor of Pondicherry and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India, for implementing e-Administration paperless office solution.

More details on Innovations 2009 can be seen at:

e-Administration Tool for e-Governance is built using Open Source tools and is platform neutral. It is now available as an OPEN SOURCE. The source code can be accessed from:

Home page:

Download page:

The e-Administration e-Platform for e-Governance would be the right tool to integrate the entire vertical and horizontal hierarchy of any government or organization and help introduce the much needed Government / Organization Process re-engineering for improved service levels to citizens / customers by introducing transparency and accountability in all G2C, G2G, B2C, B2B, etc. communications / transactions of all public authorities and service organizations, as envisaged in the Right to Know / Right to Information Act.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


e-Administration, e-Platform for e-Governance - Best IT Implementations of the year 2007 in the Government Sector by PC Quest

e-Platform for the Industrial Guidance Bureau of the Government of Puducherry, India, implemented with technical support from Life Line to Business (LL2B), Chennai, was evaluated for the Best IT Implementations of the year 2007 in the Government Sector by PC Quest, a Cybermedia publication.

PC Quest June 2007 issue has rated 250 enterprise projects - 'The Ultimate Guide to IT Implementations in India' has evaluated the Best IT Implementations of the year 2007 in various sectors, with 'Analysis of Who is Deploying What in IT', 'Tech & Trends in IT Implementations' and identifying 'Top 10 Challenges in Deploying IT', by an independent jury'.

The analysis of the 'e-Platform' of the Industrial Guidance Bureau, reads as follows:

This work flow and document management software provides a single window clearance platform to the Industrial Guidance Bureau of the Government of Puducherry.

The bureau receives hundreds of applications every month, seeking industrial clearance or permission for setting up new industrial units.

A total of 21 departments and public bodies, including Municipalities and Commune Panchayats are involved in this decision making process.

Sometimes, it would take a year or more for an applicant to get any feedback on his application. The work flow was not well managed, and it was all being handled manually. But with the e-Platform coming into use the bureau is now able to address any application in the prescribed one month's time.

The most important value it has offered to the end-beneficiary is that he can, at any point in time, know the status of his application.

Officials of different departments can seek clarifications, enter comments or simply feed their approvals or recommendations directly to the system, making the same, visible to other authorities.

The platform has been developed using open source tools.

The Project Specs:

Business problem: Yo keep track of applications-in-process was a big problem.

IT Solution: Provides a web based interface to register an application, as soon as it arrives and keeps track of it until it is cleared.

Impact: Applicants are able to keep track of their applications at any point in time.

Implementation Partner: Life Line to Business (LL2B), Chennai.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


e-Governance initiative

e-Governance Initiative for Industrial Guidance Bureau, Govt. of Puducherry

"e-Administration", is an Integrated e-Platform for e-governance, the first tool of its kind to be implemented in India, by the District Industries Centre, Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Puducherry, India for the Single Window Clearance System of the Industrial Guidance Bureau, to simplify the process of clearance of setting up of industries in the Union Territory of Puducherry, to attract investments, create employment opportunities for skilled and semi skilled persons in urban and rural areas, to alleviate poverty.

A meeting to review the progress made in the implementation of Industrial Guidance Bureau (IGB)and take stock of the ground situation was held on May 22, 2007 by Mr. B. Ramasamy, General Manager, District Industries Centre, Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Puducherry, on completion of one year of implementation of the "e-Administration",e-Platform for e-governance.

Heads / Dy. Heads of service departments such as Agriculture, Inspectorate of factories, Revenue, Puducherry Planning Authority, Town & Country Planning, Puducherry Pollution Control Committee, Electricity, etc and Commissioners of Local bodies such as Municipalities / Commune Panchayats, participated in the review meeting.

Kris Dev (Krishnan), ICT & e-Gov Consultant who assisted the District Industries Centre, Govt. of Pondicherry in implementing the e-Administration solution, explained the salient features of the e-platform and how it helps in simplifying the communication process and makes it seamless across the various service departments.

District Industries Centre, Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Puducherry, has embarked on a project of interviewing 4,000 skilled / semi skilled men and women to recommend for bank loans to become micro entrepreneurs. The selected persons would also be trained in entrepreneurial skills.

This initiative is expected to have a spiraling effect and would generate employment to about 10,000 poor and marginalized citizens and create trained manpower in various crafts and skill such as handicrafts, hand work, tailoring, paper making, candle making, In turn the trained manpower can become entrepreneurs and help to create further employment potential to about 100,000 poor and marginalized citizens.

The e-Administration e-Platform for Single Window Clearance System of the Industrial Guidance Bureau would help in the process of speedy clearance for setting up of micro enterprises and other industries.

Kris Dev
ICT & e-Gov Consultant
Life Line to Community
(0) 98 408 52132, India

Monday, November 07, 2005


Successful implementation of Paper-less Office Tool

We are glad to inform, that we have successfully implemented a Paper-less Office Tool, using OPEN SOURCE tools such as Java, JBoss with PGSQL as backend, all running on Linux.

The implementation of the tool has transformed the work culture of Government organizations and all employees right from the lowest clerk to the highest official have embraced the tool, as it simplifies their working and makes life easy for everyone.

All incoming letters are scanned and digitized and from then on moves electronically and attached to e-Files which get instant approval and outward tapal is sent. This has dramatically improved the service level and cut down the average process time by 50%.

A copy of the Certificate issued by Mr. P.W.C. Davidar, IAS, Member Secretary, Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, India and Mr. Sudeep Jain, IAS, Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd. is attached..

This is a unique e-Governance initiative. The tool complies fully with the Tottenham system of office administration, followed in the Secretariat, Governmentt departments and undertakings. We can integrate any language and Digital Signature into the tool.

We have implemented the tool in Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd. (ELCOT), a Govt. of Tamil Nadu Undertaking, for the last almost 2 years, based on which, they have entered into a marketing agreement with us.

We have implemented a customized paper-less communication solution for Industrial Guidance Bureau, Govt. of Pondicherry, connecting 19 departments / municipalities / panchayats on a simple dial-up, for granting time bound and transparent clearance.

We had implemented the solution in the Office of the Spl. Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai for five months from Jan to May 2005.

We have now implemnted the tool successfully in Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu.Our tool can be adopted as an e-Governance tool by any Government organization.

Kris Dev

Thursday, September 16, 2004


e-Administration, a paperless office

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

e-Administration in Government organizations

The Hindu Business Line
Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications

Monday, Sep 06, 2004, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

eWorld - E-Governance

Take those files away

Raja Simhan T.E.

This government undertaking in Tamil Nadu is going paperless, with files moving from PC to PC rather than desk to desk.

IT'S a welcome change in routine for the tapal attendant at the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot), a State Government undertaking responsible for developing the electronics industry in the State. Until recently, he had to manually segregate hundreds of letters and the papers would then start making the rounds through the office. However, today, the attendant just scans the tapal, whether it is a letter to Elcot's chairman or to any other official, in a scanner, and the document automatically makes its journey through the computers.
In similar fashion, Vivek Harinarain, Tamil Nadu IT Secretary, who is also Chairman of Elcot, sitting in his office in the State Secretariat, monitors Elcot's activities electronically. Earlier, he had to visit Elcot, located about 10 km from the Secretariat, to browse through the files. Now, Elcot's Managing Director and senior officials can also access and clear files while away from office.

Welcome to the age of electronic administration (e-Administration) in Tamil Nadu. The e-Administration has introduced a workflow and document management to track all activities at Elcot and ensures timely response to queries among officials. It is the beginning of a long journey to transform State government offices into paperless ones. And, helping Elcot in this effort is a small Chennai-based software firm called Life-Line to Business (LL2B).

The e-Administration software of LL2B has been in use in Elcot for the last 10 months, and it connects 75 senior-level employees of Elcot and 15 in the IT department through a common platform, says V.D.G Krishnan, President and CEO, LL2B. The company has installed the Web-enabled product in Elcot that allows officers to conduct day-to-day business such as sanctioning purchases, approving leave tours and sending files to colleagues. The tool will help the government create transparency in the department's functioning. Every senior official at Elcot, limited to his role in the hierarchy, can track the movement of any file as the entire chain of command is connected. The status of every file can be checked at the click of the mouse, he says.

The e-Administration software uses Java open source technology and runs on Linux open source platform with Oracle 9i as the back end. The software enables senior officials to look at the files real time. The software also generates periodic reports in different formats, he says.
According to Sudeep Jain, Managing Director, Elcot, which has the mandate to promote e-governance in Tamil Nadu, the most generic form of e-governance is to convert the document flow (files) into electronic mode. "We were very clear that unless we convert Elcot into a near paperless organisation we will not be able to drive e-governance in the State," he says.

Today, all files in Elcot are available on a server in electronic mode, helping to make the organisation completely transparent and efficient. The initiator of a file or anyone in the hierarchy can view the contents simultaneously even if the file is pending at a higher level. Anyone higher in the hierarchy can pull up a file pending with his/her junior colleague. Also, the software, at the click of a mouse gives the status of pending files at each level — viewed by the IT Secretary on his computer at the Secretariat. The result is speedy disposal of files, he says.
There is no physical movement of files. Only the final order copy is printed and stored as a physical record. Productivity and efficiency have dramatically improved as officials can now clear files from any location — office, home or on the road while travelling. Earlier it would take anything from 10 days to 60 days to clear a paper file. It is now two days to 10 days, he says.

Following the success in Elcot, the paperless organisation programme is being considered in organisations such as the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, says Krishnan.

Elcot/LL2B has also bagged an order from Pondicherry Electronics Ltd to computerise its Industrial Guidance Bureau of the Department of Industrial Development. An integrated e-Platform connecting 21 departments, including municipalities and panchayats, has been implemented for simultaneous review and grant of `No Objection Clearance' in a time-bound manner for the setting up of an industry, he says.

For any clarification, please contact:

V D G Krishnan
ICT Specialist
LL2B.COM Pvt Ltd.


Life-Line to Business

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